Suntrek British Shorthair Cats is located in a pretty West Sussex village near Pulborough at the foot of
the beautiful Sussex Downs, and began with the purchase of my first British Shorthair blue girl, Tammy,
from Satinmist cats.  I am very indebted to Isla for getting my foot on the first rung of the ladder.

I am a small breeder of the BSH's, and have been specialising mostly in the 'Blues' over the years, but
have also dipped into breeding from a colourpointed line which produced a rainbow of interesting
colours. Bi-colours are another particular favourite of mine.  One litter of Classic Black & Silver Tabbies  
ended in my lovely girl Dove needing a c-section, so she was spayed and I have decided to stay with my
blue's and lilac's for the time being.  I enjoyed a few years of showing and my cats have some lovely
rosettes that I am very proud to say that they brought home for me.  

My priority in breeding these cats is to keep to the standard set by GCCF and to improve my own
breeding.  It takes some years to finally start producing quality kittens from parentage purchased from
some of the top breeders in the country, but I feel I might be 'getting there' !  Being a small breeder, I do
not have too many cats and have to be limited to the numbers I keep owing to the fact that I am also
employed as a receptionist at our local veterinary surgery, and understand that each kitten needs so
much time with one to one attention to become a well socialized happy baby.  Too many kittens equals
time too tightly squeezed to bring out the very best in each individual kittens personality.   I have found
that I am better able to provide for all of my cats and kittens if I am also working, and as any breeder
knows, you don't make any money simply breeding cats!  The outlay is huge, and if not for my work, I
don't feel I would be able to keep and maintain my cats health and welfare to the best of my ability.  
Besides, I like buying the kittens lots of toys!  Namely, I work to keep my cats in the style they have
become accustomed to!

These past years have been a constant learning curve as well as a motivation for me to make sure that
the kittens I will be producing will be of the finest quality and from fully tested parents against the most
common ailments that can be prevented with careful selective breeding, leading veterinary care, and
socialising the kittens to the best of my ability.  The 'Blues' are renowned for their somewhat individual
temperments, ie:  independant and willful natures, or to put it bluntly, they come to you on their own
terms :)  Saying this, I have bred many blues that are similar to velcro... once they stick, its hard to peel
them off!

My thanks go out to so many of the wonderful friends I have made over the years who have been
instrumental in helping, advising and guiding me through the many pitfalls and leading me through the
many successes I have achieved over the years in breeding these most British of cats!  I could not have
done this without the support of so many fine breeders out there who have become friends.  But most of
all, also to my employers at Arun Veterinary Group who have been of huge support and help throughout
the 1
8 years I have been with them.

SUNTREK is a registered GCCF cattery, and is registered also under the name of
SUNTRECK with TICA - as my first choice had already been taken.

Mrs Susan Godsmark


Phone 01798 813765
no calls after 8:30pm please.

If I'm not in please leave a
message on my answer phone.